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Climate amateur!

Ryan O’Donnell Responds

Subsequent to my post on Feb 7, 2010 here, Steig informed me by email that he had not seen our Response to his Third Review, as I had previously assumed. I apologize for my misunderstanding on this point, which was, however, incidental to the major concerns expressed in my post. A more detailed response on […]

Coffin, meet nail.

For those who are not mathematically inclined and did not entirely follow the discussion about Eric’s reconstruction in the previous post, well, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is what happens to Eric’s reconstruction when you: Top row:  Add the designated trends to the Peninsula stations Second row:  Remove the designated trends from […]

Steig’s Trick

Please note:  The author of this post is Ryan O . . . not Steve.  As people have lately displayed a tendency to attribute what I write to Steve, I figured the disclaimer was appropriate. Steve: Feb 9, 2011 – some of Ryan’s language, including the original title, breached blog policies and has been edited […]