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Mann on Irreproducible Results in Thompson (PNAS 2006)

Michael Mann’s new book, The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars, discusses my comment [SMc note – this post is by Hu McCulloch] , “Irreproducible Results in Thompson et al., ‘Abrupt Tropical Climate Change: Past and Present’ (PNAS 2006),” that was published in 2009 in Energy & Environment. My comment pertained to an article by […]

Calibrating “Dr. Thompson’s Thermometer”

One of the most persuasive images in the global warming debate is a graph that Al Gore describes in his An Inconvenient Truth as “Dr. Thompson’s thermometer.” According to Gore, this graph is based on oxygen isotope ratios from ice cores collected by Lonnie Thompson and his colleagues, and provides “the most definitive” independent confirmation […]

Irreproducible Results in PNAS

In Al Gore’s movie and book An Inconvenient Truth, he presents a graph which he identifies [in the book] as “Dr. Thompson’s Thermometer.” Gore attributes this graph to the ice core research of Lonnie Thompson, and says [in the book] that it provides independent evidence for the validity of the “Hockey Stick” temperature reconstruction of Michael Mann […]

Gore Scientific "Adviser" says that he has no "responsibility" for AIT errors

In earlier posts, we observed that Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth claimed that “Dr Thompson’s thermometer” confirmed Michael Mann’s hockey stick, but, when analysed, what Gore described as “Dr Thompson’s thermometer” merely proved to be Michael Mann’s hockey stick mis-identified. No wonder it resembled Mann’s hockey stick – or, to use the phrase more common […]

Schakowsky: "a different source which our staff had confirmed with Al Gore"

Here is an interesting exchange at the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee hearings about the provenance of the hockey stick diagram in An Inconvenient Truth. Thanks to the reader who spotted this. Rep Stearns took aim at the apparent use of Mann’s Hockey Stick in Inconvenient Truth (the methodology of which had been severely criticized […]

Al Gore and "Dr Thompson's Thermometer" #2

Yesterday, I posted up about “Dr Thompson’s Thermometer” and, thanks to CA readers, some interesting results emerged. A special thanks to Tim Lambert for spotting the provenance of Dr Thompson’s thermometer. The post today will repeat some of yesterday’s material, but will recast it, since we now understand the puzzle much better. In Inconvenient Truth, […]

Al Gore and Dr Thompson's Thermometer

Surprisingly, I don’t think that I’ve written previously about the Al Gore Hockey Stick. In Inconvenient Truth, after a segment discussing glaciers, Gore stands in front of a Hockey Stick graph for the last 1000 years and tells his audience that “Dr Thompson’s thermometer” had shown the inconsequentiality of the Medieval Warm Period and, [in […]

The Al Gore Concert

I caught the start of the Al Gore concert last night in Sydney. It opened with a fat guy with white makeup beating his own drum. And it wasn’t even Al Gore. The form of the concert reminded me of last weekend, Princess Diana concert except that it’s BIGGER, its consumption is more conspicuous and […]

IPCC and the Al Gore Hockey Stick

Al Gore’s hockey stick version (page 65 of the book “An Inconvenient Truth“) is taken from one of the many conflicting versions of Lonnie Thompson’s ice core data. Now there is an ongoing controversy about whether Thompson’s data is a temperature or precipitation proxy, with pretty much every other scientist except Thompson now viewing the […]

Al Gore on C-Span

CSPAN webcast of House Energy Subcmte hearing on Global Climate Change starring Al Gore – starting 9:30 ET today.