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The Mann Hockey Stick is out there, disguised in news articles and serious scientific publications. Our aim is to find it.

Spot the Hockey Stick! #4 – The US Climate Change Program

Another sighting of our favorite climate reconstruction is to be found at the "Strategic Plan for the Climate Change, Science Program, Final Report, July 2003", published by the US Climate Change Science Program. This document quotes the opinion of the IPCC 2001 report as the basis for its declaration Climate research has indicated that, globally, […]

Sir John Houghton and the Hockey Stick #1

Of all people involved in the promotion of the Hockey Stick, Sir John Houghton, head of the IPCC is probably the chief champion of MBH98 and MBH99 as the "scientific consensus" of how the global climate changed in the last millenium. Here’s Sir John in front of that famous graph Referring to the Hockey Stick, […]

Where's Waldo? #3

If you google "moberg climate" under News, you get the Nature announcement – but look at the announcement and the avatar:   Past climate comes into focus but warm forecast stays put, UK – 4 hours ago – Fluctuations in global temperature during the past millennium may have been larger and more frequent than […]

Spot the Hockey Stick! #2 The Kyoto Flames Cheerleaders

I defer to Roy Spencer on the subject of why the Hockey Stick was taken so seriously and so completely (my emphasis in bold): The hockey stick, along with the “warmest in 1,000 years” argument, has become a central theme of debates over the Kyoto Protocol, a treaty to limit emissions of greenhouse gases, in […]

Spot the Hockey Stick! #1 in a series of many

Steve and I thought it would be a great idea to play a game of “Where’s Waldo?” Except that instead of finding a cartoon character on a page in a children’s book featuring lots of cartoon characters, we’d instead try to spot the “Mann Hockey Stick” hiding in news articles and scientific reports. Our first […]