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Gavin Schmidt and "Uniquely" Oriented Speleothems

In our examination of the new Mann proxies, there is a notable increase in the prevalence of speleothem proxies in the MWP network. Craig Loehle used a couple of speleothem proxies in his reconstruction. One was a grey-scale series from Holmgren’s Cold Air Cave, South Africa. Not to be outdone, Mann et al used two […]

realclimate on Loehle

RealClimate has a good discussion of problems with Loehle 2007: link, linking to JEG’s discussion but not to discussion here. Update: Luboš has a discussion here. In some cases, RC non-linking to climateaudit is mere pettiness, but, in this particular case, they cite information on Loehle that was initially made available at climateaudit. In this […]

Loehle Proxy MD95-2011

One of Loehle’s proxies – the one that ends in the 16th century – has occasioned some interest and I took some time to investigate it. It is an alkenone SST estimate from ocean sediment core MD95-2011 from the Norwegian Sea (66 58.19N, 07 38.36E and 1048 m). The series ends in the 16th century […]

MBH98-Style Pseudo-Confidence Intervals for Loehle

The position at ClimateAudit is that error bars in MBH98 are incorrectly calculated and “pseudo science” and that no one knows how the error bars in MBH99 were calculated (not just Me, Jean S, UC but also von Storch) and these error bars are also “pseudo science”. Notwithstanding this view, UC has posted up MBH98-style […]

The Loehle Network plus Moberg Trees

Loehle’s introduction emphasized the absence of tree ring chronologies as being an important aspect of his network. I think that he’s placed too much emphasis on this issue as I’ll show below. I previously noted the substantial overlap between the Loehle network and the Moberg low-frequency network. I thought that it would be an interesting […]

Something New in the Loehle Network

In the construction of his network, Loehle has done something very simple and very sensible that amazingly has never been done in a complete network in any previous temperature reconstruction. Something that neither bender nor JEG noticed; in fact even Loehle himself didn’t notice. Try to guess before you look at the answer.

Loehle Proxies #2

Craig Loehle has sent digital versions of the 18 proxies used in Loehle 2007 which are now in the directory listed in the following order (slightly different than the order in the previous note, shown here with url information). I’ve been able to successfully crosscheck many of these series against original provenance. I’ve got […]

Craig Loehle Reconstruction #2

Continuation of Craig Loehle Reconstruction

Emile-Geay and Verification r2 Statistics

Julien Emile-Geay from Judith Curry’s university – who, together with Kim Cobb, is teaching a course on the Hockey Stick – has joined our debate with a forceful criticism of Craig Loehle’s recent paper. While Emile-Geay seems to be a lively young man with some very cordial comments about CA here and his comments are […]

Loehle and Moberg

Julien Emile-Geay has made many forceful criticisms of the Loehle reconstruction. For example, he says: Relationship of each proxy to *local* temperature is not even discussed. We are just shoved a list of references (hey Craig , have you heard of tables ? They are a great means that scientists use to convey information clearly). […]