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Almagre – Crowley Style

Crowley and Lowery (2000) still cited quite often purported to show that the MWP was a dog’s breakfast of odds and ends – very different from the Modern Warm Period. The “proof” was the presentation of a hodge podge of proxies, which supposedly did not show a MWP, but did show a Modern Warm Period. […]

Almagre Chronologies

On an earlier occasion, I posted up our updated measurement data from Almagre. I’ve been working on this material in preparation for AGU (Dec 14). Today I’m going to show some initial chronology calculations.

Almagre Panoramas

Pete H has uploaded some terrific Almagre panoramas online here . Pete says: Also, I’ve uploaded many of the new panoramas that provide a way to see this bristlecone forest in context. They will soon be integrated into Google Earth. Visit and search for Almagre to see this work in progress Integrated into Google […]

Almagre Data

A couple of days ago, I received the Almagre measurement data from the excellent dendrochronological lab at the Univesity of Guelph. I’ve posted the measurement data online in two files (as I received them): crossdated and uncrossdated. There are 41 cores that have been crossdated and 20 cores are not crossdated. These files are as […]

More on Almagre Tree 31

I’ve done an interesting exercise today in which I’ve tried to do an estimated cross-section of Tree 31 – the one with the highly discrepant core widths. Pete has some new pictures and site information that I haven’t seen, so it will be interesting to see how they reconcile.

8 Measured Graybill Trees at Almagre

So far, I’ve received preliminary measurement data on 8 trees – all trees with Graybill tags. Today I’m providing some notes based on a first look at this data. As noted before, the archive identifications do not match the Graybill tags. Pete obtained some information which has enabled us to make a limited concordance. We […]

Almagre Strip Bark

I’ve got some preliminary measurement data back on several trees with Graybill tags in digital form. The dendro lab is working on cross-dating this week. The measurement data for our Tree #31 (Graybill 84-56), which Pete Holzmann posted a picture of earlier today, is very interesting. This is a strip-bark tree – remember that the […]

Almagre: the Graybill Photos

Christine Hallman of the University of Arizona LTRR has 4 photographs from Almagre from the Graybill collection. Although we didn’t have these matches in mind, there are some beautiful matches in Pete Holzmann’s photos, which Pete has collated below.

Almagre Vistas

I hope that many of you have visited Pete Holzmann’s photo gallery here. If you click on each picture on this page, you get a separate “gallery”. Today, I’m going to post up a quick overview together with a few maps.

A Little Secret

Don’t you think that someone on the Team might have been a little curious as to what bristlecone ring widths have done during the past 25 years? For this, we have the classic excuse of Michael Mann and the Team for not updating bristlecone and proxy records is that it’s not practical within the limited […]