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Bre-X: Is de Guzman Alive?

There’s a front page story, complete with an eyecatching picture, in the National Post today asking Is De Guzman Alive? I’ve posted up some comments on Bre-X before in connection with audit procedures, consensus, skeptics etc. at Bre-X #1, Bre-X #2 and Bre-X #3. De Guzman is the geologist at the heart of the salting […]

Bre-X #3: Core and Code

In the aftermath of the Bre-X fraud, quite naturally, there was a great deal of examination of procedures, methods and due diligence. One of the standard – actually it would be more accurate to say universal – practices in mineral exploration is that diamond drill core is split in half on site. The core is […]

Bre-X #2: the Skeptical Geologist

Here is an interesting contemporary report from a stock market observer about a Bre-X skeptic: I n our Stockex Issue 6/96 of October – November last year we wrote as follows, at about the time Bre-X was being asked to go on a blind date with Barrick. “Remarkably, given the involvement of groups like Kilborn […]