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Briffa’s Avam-Taimyr Series

Before continuing with Yamal, I’m going to make a little detour through the Avam-Taimyr series, the measurement data to which was also archived at the same time as the Yamal data. Taimyr, also originating in Briffa 2000, has been another staple of Team reconstructions in the past 10 years, but doesn’t have a HS pattern. […]

Fresh Data on Briffa’s Yamal #1

A few days ago, I became aware that the long-sought Yamal measurement data url had materialized at Briffa’s website – after many years of effort on my part and nearly 10 years after its original use in Briffa (2000).

Phil. Trans. B

I have some happier news to report from Phil Trans B, which, unlike the International Journal of Climatology, has a data policy and takes it seriously. Phil Trans B is a science journal published by the Royal Society as opposed to a climate science journal published by the Royal Meteorological Society. Last summer, I reported […]

Briffa et al 2008

Briffa et al (Phil Trans Roy Soc London 2008) is a relatively new emanation from the Team, not previously discussed here, which is another example of the discrepancy between what the Team professes at its PR challenge and what they actually do. While AGU journals (for example) have a category for “data” papers in which […]

A Briffa Collation

As I’ve mentioned before, you have to really watch the pea under the thimble whenever Briffa is presenting a series. I showed before how the post-1960 decline in MXD reconstructions was simply excised from the record and carried forward into the IPCC spaghetti graph where the overlay of colors made the detection virtually impossible to […]