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CRU: “We had never undertaken any reanalysis…”

At the close of Boulton’s April 9 interview with CRU, the only such interview relevant to the proxy reconstruction controversies that constitute 99% of the Climategate emails, Boulton asked CRU to comment on Ross McKitrick’s National Post op ed last October during Yamal. The response was given to Muir Russell on or after June 16 […]

Taimyr and Yamal Location Maps

The following two Google maps show Taimyr and Yamal on consistent scales, together with Schweingruber sites in the area. The Taimyr chronology in Briffa 2000, as you may recall, not only didn’t have HS, but had a notable divergence problem. I’ve tried to accurately transcribe onto this location map the Naurzbaev 2002 sites (subfossil – […]

Verifying RCS Methodology

One reader asked whether my RCS results held up using “standard” software. There is no “standard” software for RCS. It is different than ARSTAN. Further, despite the use of Briffa’s RCS chronologies in many multiproxy studies, until the present data sets were archived, to my knowledge, there were no public examples where both a measurement […]

Briffa’s Avam-Taimyr Series

Before continuing with Yamal, I’m going to make a little detour through the Avam-Taimyr series, the measurement data to which was also archived at the same time as the Yamal data. Taimyr, also originating in Briffa 2000, has been another staple of Team reconstructions in the past 10 years, but doesn’t have a HS pattern. […]

Taimyr – Linear or Nonlinear?

While I’ve got Esper open, here’s some thoughts on the division of cores and sites between "linear" and "nonlinear" – where I’ve been seeking an operational definition for some time. Herr Esper told Science: The split into linear and non-linear ring width series is shown in a supplementary figure accompanying the Science paper. The methods […]

Taimyr in Esper and Osborn-Briffa

The chronologies for Taymir in Esper et al [2002] and Osborn and Briffa [2006] differ – not a whole lot but enough to be noticeable. Esper provided measurement data for Taymir, while Osborn and Briffa have refused. The letter from Science said: The other three series contain some non-identical tree-ring series derived from the same […]

Letter to Science re Osborn and Briffa Data

The continued negligence of the major journals in ensuring that paleoclimate authors archive data in accordance with journal policies is very frustrating and, as previously noted, has reared its ugly head once again with Osborn and Briffa. I have had little luck in the past with Science (except for the Kilimanjaro sample dO18 data) but […]


Taimyr is one of the sites in Esper et al [2002]. It does not make a material contribution to any hockey stick-ness in Esper. The authors have some very interesting things to say about AGW which I’ll post up in a day or two. For now, I want to post up the following graph, which […]