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More on Voodoo Correlations

Mann said: Although 484 (~40%) pass the temperature screening process over the full (1850–1995) calibration interval, one would expect that no more than ~150 (13%) of the proxy series would pass the screening procedure described above by chance alone. Reader DC said: Of the 484 proxies passing the 1850-1995 significance test, 342 also passed both […]

Proxy Screening by Correlation

I’ve made histograms of reported proxy correlations for 1850-1995, as reported in r1209.xls (which contains results for all proxies, unlike SI SD1.xls which withholds results below a benchmark.) The breaks are in 0.1 intervals. On the left is the histogram before screening; on the right, a histogram of the 484 proxies after screening.     […]

More Unreplicable Claims by the Team

I was planning a new post on the truncation of the inconvenient 20th century downturn in the Briffa 2001 graphic in the IPCC graphic, that I observed some time ago here. Since data truncation is in the news, I was going to update the graphic in this post to better show just how cynical the […]