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Stockwell on CSIRO Drought Report

David Stockwell has posted up an analysis of the CSIRO Drought Report, using the data grudgingly made public by CSIRO after public pressure. Key claims of the CSIRO report do not pass obvious statistical test for “significance”. Please visit David at his blog.

Some Quick Thoughts on CSIRO Drought Info

First of all, the most important issue in this study is acknowledging Hennessy et al 2008. I had to agree to acknowledge them about 10 separate times to download data and so I do so. Acknowledging Hennessy et al 2008 seems to be more important to the authors than the results themselves. I hereby acknowledge: […]

CSIRO: A Limited Hang out??

CSIRO has done the right thing in respect to the drought data used in its recent report and an archive is now available. David Stockwell reports here. Update: I’ve now done a quick look at their supposed data archive http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/droughtec/download.shtml and it is far from clear that this is anything like an adequate data archive. […]

I Guess It Got Lost in the Mail

A Climate Audit reader in Australia drew CSIRO’s attention to criticism of their data stonewalling here at CA. CSIRO promptly told the Australian reader that the “appropriate CSIRO climate scientists and Communications team have responded accordingly to Stephen McIntyre and David Stockwell directly, in order to address their concerns” and that “some of the direct […]

CSIRO and Stock Promotions

Here’s another interesting aspect to the exchange between David Stockwell and CSIRO, which provides an interesting example of a promotional press release, that would daunt the most adventurous stock promoter, followed by mealy-mouthed and untrue excuses by the government department. Again, let’s start with David’s request for data supporting the Australian drought report: I am […]

CSIRO adopts Phil Jones’ Stonewall Tactic

David Stockwell has been providing an interesting report at his blog on his efforts to obtain for a recent lurid report on Australian drought, only to be stonewalled on grounds of “Intellectual Property Rights”, a pretext familiar to CA readers. For a full account, consult David’s always excellent blog. Briefly the new drought report proclaimed: […]