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Ward Hunt Island: Unprecedented since 2005

Bernie draws our attention to an article in the Globe and Mail on another break-off of the Ellesmere Island ice shelf: The Globe and Mail has an excellent map of the “collapse” of this ice sheet. Apparently its collapse has been proceeding for about 100 years. Update- The break is said to be unprecedented since […]

Ellesmere Island Driftwood

It turned out that the age of Ellesmere Island ice shelves is estimated by driftwood located on the shore. an age of ~3,000 years is estimated for the Ward Hunt ice shelf (in which a crack recently developed) based on driftwood located onshore. I haven’t seen corresponding information on the Ayles ice shelf (which actually […]

Ellesmere Island Ice Shelves

The break-up of (Ward Hunt and Ayles) ice shelves on the north shore of Ellesmere island gets in the news from time to time (google “Ward Hunt ice shelf”) and has been mentioned by posters here. The issue as framed by Steve Bloom is: However, if [the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf] is ~3000 year old […]