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Guliya Core #2 and Mountain Glacier Flow

Here’s an interesting graphic from lecture notes of Jed Schneider and Kathryn Clapp here showing the flow of ice through a mountain glacier. If this is representative of flow in mountain glaciers, one wonders at what exactly is being recorded in a vertical drill hole away from the summit (such as Guliya Core 2). I’ll […]

More Guliya Mess

The Yang version of Guliya goes back to “AD200” and is dated younger than Thompson et al 2004 (although a younger dating may also be in Thompson et al PNAS 2006). I did a quick comparison of the unarchived visual plot in Thompson et al (Science 1997) and compared it to the Yang version, yielding […]

More on Guliya

I wrote recently on the bizarre spaghetti graph from Guliya – where three inconsistent versions have been used in 2006 articles. I think that I may have a good first step at decoding this mess, as illustrated in the comparison below of the PNAS 2006, Climatic Change 2004 and Yang 2002 versions (used again in […]

Juckes, Yang, Thompson and PNAS: Guliya

As you can see from the plot of the Juckes’ proxies, the Yang composite is a very important contributor to the 20th century blade. The Yang Composite is a mainstay of recent Hockey Team reconstructions – its use in Team reconstructions began in Mann and Jones 2003 and was then “randomly selected” into Osborn and […]