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More Hwang Fallout at Pitt

It is reported here that the University of Pittsburgh Research Integrity Panel concluded that Dr. Gerald Schatten didn’t intentionally fabricate data, but he committed “research misbehavior” in signing his name to Dr. Hwang Woo-suk’s work in South Korea. The panel found Schatten, as co-author with Hwang on a 2005 article in the journal Science, “did […]

Washington Post on Hwang

Some interesting comments in today’s Washington Post. Thanks to Roger Pielke for the reference. Roger pointed to the following: Rather, we need to recognize just how arduous and painstaking good science usually is and remind ourselves that data do not become dogma when published, but only when independently validated. Quite so. The article also pointed […]

Kennedy, Editor of Science, on PBS

There is an interesting discussion at PBS on peer review, in which Donald Kennedy, editor of Science, defended their existing "rigorous" processes, but re-iterated: the journal has to trust its reviewers; it has to trust the source. It can’t go in and demand the data books. If I criticize Science’s due diligence procedures, I don’t […]

The Hwang Affair: A Chronology

I’ve planning to discuss Nature and Science policies on archiving and due diligence, I’ve got lots else to do, but have gotten sidetracked in the fascinating details of the unfolding of the Hwang controversy. Here’s a preliminary account.

Hwang and the May 2005 Nature Editorial

In May 2005, I mentioned Hwang et al. [Science 2005], now at the center of a firestorm. This reference was entirely by chance, since my concern was the precipitous UCAR press release of the Ammann and Wahl paper and their failure to report its subsequent rejection. (Of course, they later got the editor changed and […]

Blogs and the Hwang Case

A science scandal of Bre-X proportions has been developing through December engulfing both Science and Nature. New developments on Hwang’s stem cell research have been occurring daily. Hwang, like Mann, was one of Scientific American’s 50 Visionaries. Unlike Mann, he has been stripped of his title. I started looking at the story from a peer […]