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Cook’s Fake Ethics Approval

For over a year, John Cook and the University of Queensland have repeatedly refused Richard Tol’s requests for information on rater ID and timestamps for the SKS ratings for Cook et al 2013. Recently there have been two events that shed new light on the dispute. First, in mid-May Brandon Shollenberger located the requested information […]

Cook’s Survey

John Cook, whose crush on Lewandowsky continues unabated, asked various blogs, including Climat Audit, to direct readers to another online survey. Lucia has discussed the survey here. The links to the survey from SKS here is http://survey.gci.uq.edu.au/survey.php?c=1R9YT8YMZTWF and from Rabett hereis http://survey.gci.uq.edu.au/survey.php?c=II7WP4R4VRU7. More IDs are available at Lucia’s. It is easy enough to access both […]

Tom Curtis Writes

While CA readers may disagree with Tom Curtis, we’ve also noticed that he is straightforward. Recently, in comments responding to my recent post on misrepresentations by Lewandowsky and Cook, Curtis agreed that “Lewandowsky’s new addition to his paper is silly beyond belief”, but argued that “the FOI data does not show Cook to have lied […]