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Filling in Punta Laguna

Yesterday Mann archived a new version of his data, a version supposedly without any infilling. Gavin Schmidt is pretending that this was there all along and demanding an apology from one of his readers, who had the temerity to question Schmidt. I’ve taken a quick look at the new (Sept 4, 2008) version of Mann’s […]

Mann 2008 MWP Proxies: Punta Laguna

I’m spending a little extra time examining the “new” Mann 2008 MWP non-dendro “proxies”. There are 4 series from varved lake sediments in Punta Laguna, Mexico: two dO18 and two C13 series, each for a different gastropod species. Original data is archived at WDCP here. I compared this data to Mann’s versions and noticed some […]