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Mann 2008 MWP Proxies: Punta Laguna

I’m spending a little extra time examining the “new” Mann 2008 MWP non-dendro “proxies”. There are 4 series from varved lake sediments in Punta Laguna, Mexico: two dO18 and two C13 series, each for a different gastropod species. Original data is archived at WDCP here. I compared this data to Mann’s versions and noticed some […]

Mann 2008 Non-Dendro MWP Proxies

Once again, Mann has claimed that he can obtain a “reliable long-term record” without tree ring data, a claim that, as previously noted, is eerily reminiscent of a similar untrue claim made 10 years ago. Ten years ago, we could not simply eliminate all the tree-ring data from our network because we did not have […]