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Lamarche and Fritts 1971

While the Hockey Team like to talk about "moving on", in most scientific disciplines, articles of substance usually remain of continuing interest, since there had to be some interesting insight to have created the substance in the first place. I’ve been backtracking through some of the tree ring literature to try to fully understand how […]

Lamarche on Treelines #2

Here is Lamarche’s diagram of altitudes at the key bristlecone sites of Sheep Mountain and Campito Mountain (as noted below, when wood erosion is allosed for, the post-MWP decline is placed after 1500.)

Lamarche [1973] on Treelines #1

Valmore Lamarche was perhaps the first person to suggest that temperature information could be extracted from bristlecone pine information and his early publications are often referenced. Lamarche et al. [1984] (with Fritts, Graybill and Rose) first postulated CO2 fertilization. As you know, I’m increasingly interested in changes in treeline elevation as a "low-frequency proxy". It […]