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McShane and Wyner Weights on Mann 2008 Proxies

Most CA readers are aware that proxy reconstructions use linear methods and that, accordingly, all the huffing and puffing of complicated multivariate methodologies simply end up assigning a vector of weights. Surprisingly this obvious point was not understood by paleos when I started in this field. Because one can assign a vector of weights, it’s […]

McShane and Wyner Discussion

McShane and Wyner, previewed in August, has now been published by Annals of Applied Statistics as a Discussion Paper here with an accompanying editorial by Michael Stein and discussions by 13 different groups (one of which is a short comment by Mc and Mc, with an excellent Rejoinder. BTW using Firefox, I wasn’t able to […]

Chladni and the Bristlecones

Some of the CA posts that I’ve found most interesting to write have been about identifying Chladni patterns in supposedly “significant” reconstructions when principal component methods have been applied to spatially autocorrelated red noise. (This is by no means a new observation, as warnings about the risks of building “castles in the air” using principal […]

Intelligible Code

Just a short note today on code for McShane and Wyner and its comments. The discussion of McShane and Wyner has been greatly enhanced first by their archiving of code and secondly by simplifications of the code both by the online community and discussants. Most of the McShane and Wyner analysis is in R, making […]

McShane and Wyner Discussion

McShane and Wyner is being published as a “discussion paper” and has attracted numerous submissions so far, including a discussion by Ross and I which has been accepted. As readers have noticed, discussions by Schmidt, Mann and Rutherford and by Tingley are online. Other submissions have been made by Wahl and Ammann and by Nychka […]