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If Nychka Standards Applied to Mann…

Santer et al 2008 (including realclimate’s Gavin Schmidt) sharply criticized Douglass et al for failing to properly consider the effect of autocorrelation of regression residuals on trend confidence intervals, which they described as a “methodological error”. The need to properly account for autocorrelation in confidence interval estimation is a fairly long-standing theme at CA and […]

More on Li, Nychka and Ammann

by Hu McCulloch A recent discussion of the 2007 Tellus paper by Bo Li, Douglas Nychka and Caspar Ammann, “The ‘hockey stick’ and the 1990s: a statistical perspective on reconstructing hemispheric temperatures,” at OSU by Emily Kang and Tao Shi has prompted me to revive the discussion of it with some new observations. A PDF […]