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Nature Publishes Another Chladni Pattern

Anthony Watts draws attention to a new Nature article (LI et al 2011) purporting to reconstruct El Nino activity. The Supplementary Information shows a very obvious Chladni pattern, that went unnoticed by the Nature reviewers. The eigenvector shown here is what one would expect from principal components carried out on spatially autocorrelated data on a […]

More on Li, Nychka and Ammann

by Hu McCulloch A recent discussion of the 2007 Tellus paper by Bo Li, Douglas Nychka and Caspar Ammann, “The ‘hockey stick’ and the 1990s: a statistical perspective on reconstructing hemispheric temperatures,” at OSU by Emily Kang and Tao Shi has prompted me to revive the discussion of it with some new observations. A PDF […]