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Dirty Laundry II: Contaminated Sediments

From time to time, scientists inadvertently use contaminated data and their results are affected. For example, some time after publication of Grand et al (PNAS 2004), the authors determined that their results were erroneous as a “result of contamination of genomic DNA with plasmid DNA”. They promptly issued a retraction, expressing their regret for the […]

PNAS Reviews: Preferential Standards for Kemp (Mann) et al

About 10 days ago, we discussed the PNAS reviews of the recent submission by Richard Lindzen, a member of the National Academy of Sciences with a distinguished publication record. A few days ago, PNAS published Kemp et al 2011, a submission by one of Mann’s a graduate student [from the University of Pennsylvania]. While, in […]

Lindzen’s PNAS Reviews

Chip Knappenberg has published Lindzen’s review correspondence with PNAS at Rob Bradley’s blog here. Most CA readers will be interested in this and I urge you to read the post, taking care to consult the attachments. (I would have preferred that the post include some excerpts from the attachments.) The post focuses to a considerable […]

Cicerone of NAS Acquiesces in Data Obstruction

Lonnie Thompson’s work is prominently cited by Al Gore, was cited by the NAS panel of Surface Temperature Reconstructions and is used both in temperature reconstructions and in articles arguing that there was no MWP. One of the remarkable aspects of Thomspon’s corpus is both that the original sample data is unarchived – even for […]

More Evasion by Thompson

I’ve been trying since 2003 to get detailed sample information from Lonnie Thompson on his tropical ice cores, some drilled 20 years ago. I reported on my most recent effort on Apr 19, 2007 under PNAS policies here. Thompson has once more obfuscated a journal by falsely telling them that everything already is archived (without […]

A Try for Thompson Data at PNAS

The recent success in getting at least some data from Phil Jones – which he had obstructed since my original request in 2003 – has caused me to refresh my attempts to get Lonnie Thompson to archive his data so that the scandalous inconsistencies between different versions can finally be appraised. Last year, he published […]