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The NAS Panel on Data Availability

One of the by-products of data stonewalling by Team climate scientists was the appointment of a NAS panel entitled “Ensuring the Utility and Integrity of Research Data in a Digital Age”, noted up a couple of years ago at CA here. According to its webpage, the panel’s last hearing was in late 2007. The webpage […]

Ammann’s April Fool’s Joke Part 2

About 2 weeks ago, I observed that the PR (Paleoclimate Reconstruction) Challengers, stung by various challenges to the non-transparency of their data and methods, had promised that, by April 2009, they would, among other things, make a website containing: – Collection of reconstruction codes, documentation, and related data. Interestingly, on April Fool’s Day itself, NOAA […]

Ammann’s April Fool’s Joke

Yesterday, the Economist had an amusing April Fool’s joke, announcing an “Econoland” theme park that “combines the magic of a theme park with the excitement of macroeconomics”. AS PART of a strategy designed to broaden the revenue base, leverage content over new platforms and promote The Economist brand to a young and dynamic audience, The […]

PR Challenge: the Briffa-Cook “White Paper”

The Trieste PR Challenge conference has an interesting “White paper on tree rings submitted by Keith Briffa and Ed Cook, entitled “What are the Sources of Uncertainty in the Tree-Ring Data: How can They be Quantified and Represented? Good questions. I urge readers to read this candid paper in full. I detect a lot of […]

The “PR Challenge”

The multiproxy world has been a little quiet since AR4. Eerily quiet. But the Team has plans to liven things up in the June 2008-9 year with plans for a: Broad announcement of [PR] Challenge to paleo, modeling and statistics communities (e.g., EOS, BAMS, PAGES, CLIVAR, PaleoList, AmStat, EGGS, Nature Reports). They didn’t mention Climate […]