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Sargasso Sea dO18

Recently Keigwin’s Sargasso Sea dO18 temperature reconstructions have been mentioned in the climate public eye. Keigwin’s reconstruction famously has a warm MWP as shown below. This reconstruction uses modern dO18 measurements at Station S to calibrate two cores (with modern Station S values specifically shown in the graphic below): I observed last year that the […]

Juckes and the Sargasso Sea

Keigwin’s Sargasso Sea temperature reconstruction, used in Moberg et al 2005, was de-selected by Juckes in what he represented to be the Moberg CVM composite and in making the Union composite (although he managed to use Tornetrask twice ?!? under different names). Although he de-selected the Sargasso Sea temperature reconstruction, he used Moberg’s Arabian Sea […]