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The Botched Examination of the Back-Up Server

The more one reads the documents of the Muir Russell, the more it is a litany of incompetence, already evidenced by the failure of Muir Russell and other panelists to even attend the Jones and Briffa interview. The botched “efforts” to examine the balance of the emails in the back-up server is another sorry episode.

A SysAdmin's Perspective

An excellent analysis of whether the CRU zipfile was “hacked” or “leaked” here, arguing for a combination of a dossier prepared by the university in relation to potential FOI responsibilities (though not necessarily FOI requests in hand) and discovery of the dossier by someone at the university who released it to the outside world – […]

"UEA succeeds in Quest for secure IT access"

On Nov. 12, 2009, CBR Networking has an article here entitled “UEA succeeds in Quest for secure IT access”. A university spokesman said: This gives us peace of mind – for example, we have considerably more confidence that a student is unable to gain unauthorised access to sensitive systems such as the university’s finance system […]