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Briffa on Yamal Impact

Keith Briffa has a couple of posts today on Yamal – one discussing its impact in other multiproxy studies and the other on the Yamal chronology itself. His post on the Yamal chronology includes a careful consideration of various issues involved in the development of the Yamal chronology and is accompanied by an extensive archive […]

The Impact of Yamal on the Spaghetti Graph

We’ve been discussing Briffa and Yamal at CA for a couple of years and many, if not most, regular readers understand the significance of the Yamal collapse. For example, as recently as Sept 19, we were observing the dependence of the Kaufman reconstruction on the Yamal series. So the long-sought fresh information on Yamal (and […]


IPCC AR4 is online – thanks to readers for pointing this out. I didn’t notice any press releases or hoopla. The lead author for the millennial paleoclimate section was Keith Briffa, who takes a realclimate line on the debate – surprise, surprise. Their comments on M&M are pretty much the same as in the Second […]

A New Spaghetti Graph

Von Storch and Mann have both said that, in an MBH98-type reconstruction, it is impossible to allocate the impact of individual proxies. This is incorrect as we pointed out in MM05b. My posts on MBH98 Linear Algebra showed this more clearly (or at least in more detail). However, those posts only took the analysis back […]