Presentation – Tues. March 1 at 4 pm

I will be making my first presentation on our 2005 papers to the Toronto Geological Discussion Group on Tues., March 1, 2005 4 p.m. at the Ontario Club, Commerce Court South, Toronto. Any readers in the area would be welcome to attend. 


  1. Jeff Norman
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    And a very nice presentation it was. I was the apparently confused person who introduced himself to you at the beginning Steve.

    Ross (er I mean Steve’s) presentation was a summary of just about everything he and Ross have posted regarding their interactions with Scientific Americon’s Mann of the Year (whatever).

    The presentation today was much more entertaining because Steve included a few editorial comments.

    The audience was very receptive. I suppose you was preaching to the converted for the most part. There were a few illuminating comments from some of the attendees, e.g. academia’s reluctance to listen to criticism from outsiders is not unusual.

    In my opinion I think that Mann’s behaviour is extreme and it might be useful to point out his treatment of Willie Soon and Sallie Baliunas just to show that his response to you is not unique (ie. it’s not just you).

    Towards the end one attendee (not me) asked; what now? They were asking what we (the more global we) should do to counter the rush to implement a strategy designed to resolve a hypothetical problem.

    You mentioned that you recommend we contact some of the people listed on this web page. I’ll have to look around.

    A cautionary tale:
    I once wrote an e-mail to my MP voicing my concern that the government seemed to be rushing to ratify a treaty that would not be good for the country given that there were scientific uncertainties.

    I received an e-mail response from an aide of David Anderson (not my MP) that re-assured me that all the science was in fact settled.


    Steve: Hi, Jeff. Were you sitting on the left and already there when I arrived? What I meant by the reference to the site was that I had contact particulars here (which were on a sticky, which seems to have gotten unstuck). I think that the issues that can be dealt with politically at this stage are ones of disclosure and due diligence: ensuring that source data and source code are available. It is scandalous that Mann, Jones, Jacoby and others refuse to disclose important aspects of data and/or methods. As to amusing editorial coments, the funniest lines were surely simply quoting some of these guys. For an audience of exploration geologists, Mann’s excuse about “heavy equipment” and “out-of the way places” as a reason for not updating the proxies since the 1970s was beyond comedy.

  2. John A
    Posted Mar 2, 2005 at 3:09 AM | Permalink

    Referring to Steve as "Ross" is a good way to get banned.

    Just sayin’


  3. TCO
    Posted Sep 10, 2005 at 6:56 PM | Permalink

    (feeling pugnacious). Hi Ross!

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