Spot the Hockey Stick #10: The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Here on climateaudit, it never fails to amaze us how many different ways that the Hockey Stick appears in various guises. But on the other hand, its use in the context of "greenhouse warming", "anthropogenic climate change" or the Kyoto Protocol appears almost universal.

For all the bleating about "other studies" which "confirm the Mann, Bradley and Hughes 1999 reconstruction", those studies are never used. For example, I’ve yet to see the Moberg et al (2005) or Esper (2002) or any other reconstructions, used to demonstrate the case for an economic vice like the Kyoto Protocol in order to avoid "Abrupt Climate Change".

Here’s another guise from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, which comes from this document

The Hockey Stick from the Swedish EPA

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  1. TCO
    Posted Sep 18, 2005 at 12:22 AM | Permalink

    This is even more tricky than the curves where they append the instruments to the proxies. here they’ve even gone into the future with guesses to drive the blade high.

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