A Shout Out to David Stockwell

Regular correspondent David Stockwell has set up a new blog and has posted an interesting comment on Briffa, about which he says:

Have become interested in checking out dendroclimatology from the ENM point of view – particularly evaluating the model used for functional responses of alpine trees to temperature. All studies in Briffa et al. 2001 (figure below) invariably use a linear model, OLS fit of the proxy to temperature be it tree ring width (TRW) or density (MXD). It is of course not possible for tree growth to increase indefinitely with temperature increases – it has to be limited. The obvious choice for a more accurate model of tree response is a sigmoidal curve.

Drop in on him and say hello

.John A adds: I’ve added David Stockwell’s blog and Luboà…⟠Motl’s Reference Frame to the “Weblogs and Resources” link in the sidebar


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    Thanks for the boost Steve! I am following in the footsteps of the Master with the ENM blog. By starting an unmoderated blog presenting interim results, R scripts, graphics even powerpoints prior to presentations Steve seems to have hit on a new way of working that potentially draws on the vast intelligence (or otherwise) of the web. Actually one main goal is use the blog to get feedback while writing a book on Environmental Niche Modelling, so input from readers will be greatly appreciated. I think some methods we using in ENM – particularly non-linearity and data-mining thousands of environmental variables have a lot to offer other geospatial fields. There is also an element of ‘auditing’ underlying assumptions of models. My skeptical interests are varied: mis-specification of models – particularly by linear assumptions, peer-review and power, indeterminacy of meaning. I will try to respond where appropriate.

  2. John A
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    It’s a good idea to make sure you’re wearing flame retardent clothing before you check the comments.

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    They come with the wordpress download – but first you have to get comments without mentioning climate!

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