Nierenberg re Schmidt re McKitrick and Michaels

Nicolas Nierenberg has taken a look here at Gavin Schmidt auditing of McKitrick and Michaels. He previously reported here on the analysis:

Anyway I have written an analysis of spatial autocorrelation as it relates to S09 and MM07. My conclusion is that the primary result in MM07 was not affected by spatial autocorrelation, which is in line with Dr. McKitrick’s follow up paper on the subject. In addition I am able to explain the spurious results found in S09 using Model E data by showing that it is caused by spatial autocorrelation. This was Dr. Schmidt’s theory in that paper. Through this process I show that the results of S09 while interesting don’t contradict the findings of MM07.

I have not personally examined any of the papers in question (McK-Mic or Schmidt 2009) and have not parsed Nicolas’ analysis either. At this point I’m providing a pointer to Nicolas’ article and suggest that interested readers comment at Nicolas’ blog rather than here.

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  1. Ryan O
    Posted Feb 26, 2009 at 7:29 PM | Permalink

    Thanks for making this a main topic, Steve. I think a lot of CA readers can appreciate the work that Nicolas did, and I’m sure that Nicolas appreciates the visibility. His write-up is clear and easy to read.

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