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Nature Reports on CRU Stonewalling

Nature reported today on the CRU data requests. I was interviewed at length last Thurs, followup Friday by Olive Heffernan of Nature. They even asked for a photograph. I haven’t seen the article yet. More after I see the story. Update: There is an additional discussion at the Nature Blog. Behave nicely. Update- my picture […]

FOI Request to Phil Jones

Some feedback on my request for the sites used in Jones et al 1990 (no data):

Nature’s Statistical Checklist for Authors

Nature’s Guide to Authors includes an excellent statistical checklist which authors are asked to comply with to "ensure statistical adequacy". I’ve reproduced the checklist below, bolding a couple of interesting criteria. Readers of this blog can readily imagine how this checklist would apply to MBH98 or, for that matter to Moberg et al [2005]. One […]