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Nature and the Inundation Legend

Climategate 2.0 emails shed remarkable light on the role of Nature news “reporter”, Olive Heffernan, in the development of a “legend” to place CRU data obstruction in a better light. They show that Jones had candidly admitted to Heffernan that his real reason for refusing data was simply to obstruct potential critics – a position […]

Nature on Renewables and “Natural” Therapies

Nature published an editorial yesterday purporting to address IPCC’s promotion of the Greenpeace scenario for renewables. The subheading read: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change must implement changes now to regain lost credibility or it will remain an easy target for critics seeking to score cheap points. As hapens far too often, Nature has posed […]

Nature Anti-FOI Editorial Criticized

A Nature reader has run the gauntlet at Nature, who published a criticism of their anti-FOI editorial. David Bell of the University of Nottingham’s letter reads as follows: Climate e-mails: lack of data sharing is a real concern Your Editorial (Nature 462, 545; 2009) castigates “denialists” for making “endless, time-consuming demands for information under the […]

Nature’s Statistical Checklist for Authors

Nature’s Guide to Authors includes an excellent statistical checklist which authors are asked to comply with to "ensure statistical adequacy". I’ve reproduced the checklist below, bolding a couple of interesting criteria. Readers of this blog can readily imagine how this checklist would apply to MBH98 or, for that matter to Moberg et al [2005]. One […]

Nature on Press Releases

Today’s Nature has an editorial criticizing two researchers issuing a press release merely when they submitted a paper for review. Apparently scientists in the field have been protesting. Has anybody seen any climate scientists protesting about Ammann and Wahl’s press release? I guess it depends upon whose ox is being gored. But the manner in […]