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Private Expressions of Uncertainty

One of the main themes of the emails is scientists admitting problems privately that they did not clearly admit in public. Ross has emailed me a few starters. Again no editorializing, just listing.

Climate Audit Used for East Anglia Course

Maurizio (h/t Bishop Hill) spotted an email (2639 in 2009) describing extensive use of Climate Audit in a non-CRU East Anglia course: Neil Adger has taken over the running of First Year course here in ENV. He asked Alan Kendall for the ppt for 2 lectures he gives. He sent them and 40 slides are […]

Discussion of Reviews

When you notice an email discussing a review, could you jot down the email number, date, the reviewer, the reviewee. Please don’t editorialize, just note it for reference.

Phil Stumped at Calculating A Trend

Phil Jones spends much of his time looking down his nose at the heathen, but then confesses to Bob Ward that he is unable to calculate a trend on his own, as in this hilarious exchange at Bishop Hill: I’m not adept enough (totally inept) with excel to do this now as no-one who knows […]

Climategate II Tools

A searchable version of Climategate 2 is online at and at I’ve made a time-concordance of the new emails and placed it online at {Note – I’ve updated this to include julian seconds to match to climategate1.) For R-users, I’ve made an R-concordance of the 5349 emails as text files and placed […]

New Climategate Emails

New climategate dossier here. [Update – try here] See notice from “FOIA” here and subsequent comments as well as discussion at Jeff Id here. I’ll comment later after I have a chance to look at things. [Update /Jean S : Searchable database here.  h/t phil]