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The CRU Gong Show: Refusing Ross McKitrick

Today brought in some CRU refusals- their rejections of Ross Mc, Roman M, myself. (They’re going to have to re-do their Roger Pielke rejection, since they replied to the wrong request in his case.) Each one deserves to be savored. So today I’ll post up their obstruction of Ross McKitrick. FOI officer Palmer denied the […]

CRU Responds

CRU has posted up an undated webpage on data availability here , responding to the various recent FOI requests for station data and confidentiality agreements. Here they “list the agreements that we still hold”. I’m preparing a post on this extraordinary document and am posting this thread as a placeholder for now. Instalment 1 (Aug […]

NOAA: HadCRU3 data not "influential"

A CA reader recently wrote to NOAA (which distributes HADCRU3 gridded data) asking them whether the data and methods had been reviewed pursuant to NOAA Quality of Information guidelines. (It is nice to see a reader complete such an exercise himself rather than writing on a thread that I should do it.) NOAA replied that […]

A 2002 Request to CRU

In May 2008, I collated correspondence requesting CRU station from various parties commencing with Warwick Hughes’ correspondence in July 2004. See here. On a couple of occasions, I’d referred to some correspondence with Phil Jones in pre-Hockey Stick days (fall 2002). At that time, I was surprised by the promptness of the response and the […]

Dr Phil, Confidential Agent

Recently, Philip Jones of CRU (Climatic Research Unit) claimed to have entered into a variety of confidentiality agreements with national meteorological services that prevent him from publicly archiving the land temperature data relied upon by IPCC. Unfortunately, Jones seems to have lost or destroyed the confidentiality agreements in question and, according to the Met Office, […]

"Unprecedented" Data Purge At CRU

On July 31, 2009, the purge of public data at CRU reached levels “unprecedented” in its recorded history. Climate Audit reader Super-Grover said that the data purge was “worse” than we expected. On Monday, July 27, 2009, as reported in a prior thread, CRU deleted three files pertaining to station data from their public directory […]

Met Office/CRU Finds the Mole

More news on the Met Office/CRU molehunt. Late yesterday (Eastern time), I learned that the Met Office/CRU had identified the mole. They are now aware that there has in fact been a breach of security. They have confirmed that I am in fact in possession of CRU temperature data, data so sensitive that, according to […]

A Mole

OK, folks, guess what. I’m now in possession of a CRU version giving data for every station in their station list . In their refusal letter, the Met Office described adverse consequences of disclosing CRU station data, an event that apparently would let loose the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The Met Office stated: Some […]

CRU Refuses Data Once Again

Let me review the request situation for readers. There are two institutions involved in the present round of FOI/EIR requests: CRU and the Met Office. Phil Jones of CRU collects station data and sends his “value added” version to the Met Office, who publish the HadCRU combined land-and-ocean index and also distribute the CRUTEM series […]

UK Met Office Refuses to Disclose Station Data Once Again

It must be humiliating for the UK Met Office to have to protect Phil Jones and CRU. Even a seasoned bureaucrat must have winced in order to write the following: Some of the information was provided to Professor Jones on the strict understanding by the data providers that this station data must not be publicly […]