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Sea Ice – Sept 2009

Continued from here . On August 19, 2009, NSIDC published the following August forecast of sea ice minimums by the leading climate modelers around the world. The majority of modelers predicted that 2009 sea ice minimums would be below 2008 and one (Arbetter et al) even predicted that 2009 would break the 2007 record. The […]

Erice: The Feedback Session #1

Today, I’m going to give the first of a series of reports on the Feedback Session at Erice: I’ll try to do a post on each of the presentations – Lindzen, Choi, Kininmonth and Paltridge. I’ll also try to do reports on the presentations by Essex and Swanson in a different session. I’ll do a […]

Erice 2009 – A Quick Synopsis

This year’s Erice International Seminar was the 42nd. All recipients received an interesting book of memoirs of the seminars (edited W. Barletta and H. Wegener) from which I’ve scanned two interesting pictures (the pictures in the book were mostly recovered by Bill Barletta, an MIT physicist). The first shows Paul Dirac on the right talking […]

Svalbard’s Lost Decades

In a 2006 article in JGR, Aslak Grinsted, John Moore, Viejo Pohjola, Tonu Martma and Elisabeth Isaksson study several climate indicators from the Lomonosovfonna ice field in Svalbard, shown below with their caption: Figure 5. Fifteen-year moving averages of Lomonosovfonna ice core data. (a) Oxygen isotopes, (b) continentality proxy (A), (c) stratigraphic melt indices (SMI), […]

Erice 2009

I’m off to Italy for the next two weeks, starting tonight. I suggested that the Erice seminar of the World Federation of Scientists have a session on Water Cycle Feedback, as this seemed to me to be the most important scientific issue affecting climate sensitivity. I had a couple of motives for suggesting this – […]

Steig Professes Ignorance

On Feb. 26, I wrote a post on CA, “Steig 2009’s Non-Correction for Serial Correlation”, commenting on the Jan. 22 letter in Nature by Eric Steig et al. On Feb. 28, I sent Steig and his 5 co-authors an e-mail alerting them to my post and its content. On Aug. 6, Steig and co-authors published […]

More Check Kiting at Nature

Nature has published another remarkable example of academic check kiting by Michael Mann et al, this time “Atlantic hurricanes and climate over the past 1,500 years”. (Prior examples of academic check kiting discussed at CA are Ammann and Wahl, the story of which is well told by Bishop Hill’s Caspar and the Jesus Paper and […]

The "Confidentiality Agreements"

CRU refused my FOI request for CRU data stating that: Regulation 12(5)(f) applies because the information requested was received by the University on terms that prevent further transmission to non-academics I asked to see the precise language of the underlying agreements because I very much doubted that agreements specifically prohibited “further transmission to non-academics”. If […]

Some Data and Scripts for BS09

The controversy between Benestad and Schmidt on the one hand and Scafetta and West on the other hand is a typical climate science dispute, in that neither of the parties has provided scripts evidencing their analysis. [Note: BS09 provides url’s for data versions used; SW do not.] Scafetta and West provide a plausible criticism of […]

BS09 and Mannian Smoothing

Many CA readers have probably noticed Lucia’s recent coverage of Benestad Schmidt (JGR 2009) (with the inevitable acronym BS09). BS09 was an effort by B&S to verify Scafetta and West. realclimatescientists can also be climateauditors, I guess. It’s too bad that they don’t spend the same amount of energy examining Mann et al 2008 or […]