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BS09 and Mannian Smoothing

Many CA readers have probably noticed Lucia’s recent coverage of Benestad Schmidt (JGR 2009) (with the inevitable acronym BS09). BS09 was an effort by B&S to verify Scafetta and West. realclimatescientists can also be climateauditors, I guess. It’s too bad that they don’t spend the same amount of energy examining Mann et al 2008 or […]

UC on Mann Smoothing

UC writes in that there’s another Mannian problem: And GRL08 ( http://www.meteo.psu.edu/~mann/shared/articles/MannGRL08.pdf ) is the prologue. Tried this new smoother ( http://www.meteo.psu.edu/~mann/smoothing08/lowpassadaptive.m ) with HadCRUT monthly and f=0.0104, [smoothedbest,w0,w1,w2,msebest] = lowpassadaptive(HadM, 0.0104); got this figure, But the weights are [w0 w1 w2] ans = 0.4100 0 0.5500 Surprisingly, this does not agree with the text, […]

Mannomatic Smoothing and Pinned End-points

We’ve had a couple of discussions of dealing with end-points for smoothing. Here’s a little note about smoothing algorithms, which I think is pretty funny. It’s hard to imagine a note about smoothing algorithms being funny, but see what you think.

Briffa and MBH99 Smoothing

I’ve found an unlikely ally in my questioning of the smoothing of MBH99 in the original publication and in IPCC TAR: Keith Briffa. Not that Briffa has posted a comment endorsing my observation. However, the smoothed version of MBH99 in Briffa et al 2001 (near contemporary with TAR) is virtually identical to what I got. […]

The Maestro is in da house

As I re-examined the IPCC TAR spaghetti , I noted that there was considerable evidence in Figure 2-21 that the Maestro himself is in the house and we should therefore be prepared for the unexpected. There is an interesting replication problem in the TAR spaghetti graph where I’d welcome ideas. Here’s the TAR spaghetti graph […]