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Svalbard’s Lost Decades

In a 2006 article in JGR, Aslak Grinsted, John Moore, Viejo Pohjola, Tonu Martma and Elisabeth Isaksson study several climate indicators from the Lomonosovfonna ice field in Svalbard, shown below with their caption: Figure 5. Fifteen-year moving averages of Lomonosovfonna ice core data. (a) Oxygen isotopes, (b) continentality proxy (A), (c) stratigraphic melt indices (SMI), […]

Sea Ice At Lowest Level In 800 Years

A few days ago, Jeff Id drew attention to a recent study profiled in sciencedaily which stated: Sea Ice At Lowest Level In 800 Years Near Greenland ScienceDaily (July 2, 2009) — New research, which reconstructs the extent of ice in the sea between Greenland and Svalbard from the 13th century to the present indicates […]