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PDI and Hurricane-Days

Here’s a figure showing Judith Curry’s PDI as compared to calculations from my collation of the ATL track data previously archived, also comparing PDI – which is the integral of wind speed cubed against other measures: a count of hurricane-days, an integral of wind speed and an integral of wind speed squared (which I think […]

Curry on Landsea 1993

The following is from Judith Curry: Whether changes in the characteristics of tropical storms observed in the last few decades [1,2] are the result of only natural variability, due to climate change, or a combination of both factors is the subject of intense debate [3]. Central to the debate is the quality of the tropical […]

Wind Speed in Holland and Webster

Perhaps the key issue in Emanuel 2005 (as observed in Landsea’s 2005 comment) was the adjustment to the ATL data set performed by Emanuel (citing an old publication, Landsea 1993). We’ve snickered a bit recently at Martin Juckes using older data rather than newer data – only in climate science would this seem possible. And […]

Two Curious Hurricane Graphs

Examining the ATL hurricane data in another thread, I pointed out that there was a very substantial increase in coverage further to the east. In the entire data set, the median westing for a track measurement was 69W. To attempt to minimize count bias resulting from increased eastward coverage, I did storm and hurricane count […]

Holland and Webster Figure 1

Holland and Webster stated the following: Figure 1 shows a strong statistically significant trend since the 1970s similar to that found by Hoyos et al. (2006) and Curry et al. (2006.) I’ve replicated the hurricane part of their Figure and included 2006 data as they should have – it’s amazes me that authors don’t make […]

Updated Hurricane Data

I’ve re-collated the hurricane track data from and similar tables, updating my earlier collations. I’ve saved these collations in ascii form in the directory*.txt using the following nomenclature hurricane.ATL.txt and Track.ATL.txt with other basins being denoted WPAC,EPAC,SH, NIO and SPAC. The unisys data contains collated “Best Tracks” information up to 2003-2005 depending on […]

New Holland and Webster Paper

A new Holland and Webster paper is here. Some discussion already started on this thread Update: Judith Curry sent in the following data file

The 2006 Hurricane Season

Does anyone think that Kerry Emanuel and Judith Curry each have an obligation to issue a report in Nature and/or Science on the 2006 hurricane season? Corporations can’t just issue financial statements when they have good years; they have to issue reports in bad years. And let there be no doubt – 2006 was a […]

New Emanuel Presentation

Howard Wiseman sends in: I attach a link to Dr. Kerry Emanuel’s recent powerpoint presentation at the Southern New England Weather Conference which focuses on TC activity in the Atlantic. The download is a bit slow, and the presentation is pretty familiar ground. Emanuel’s conclusions are presented with breathless inevitability (surprise). No comments on the […]

Southern Hemisphere Hurricanes

The other day we discussed missing data in the Northern Indian Ocean, where the main best tracks archive showed storm track data up to the mid-1970s but lacked wind speed estimates, with a sharp decline in storm track occurrences in the 1970s. In his comment on Webster, Curry et al, William Gray observed that there […]