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David Black, Cariaco and Prompt Archiving

David Black and associates have just (Oct 2007) published a new paper showing a reconstruction of SST from Cariaco sediments using Mg-Ca for the period 1221-1990 (thanks to Eduardo Zorita for alerting me to the study.) In this case, I am happily able to report that the relevant data was archived at WDCP contemporary with […]

More on Arabian Sea G. Bulloides

On an earlier occasion, I observed that one of the key Moberg series (and now an essential Juckes series) was the Arabian Sea percentage G. Bulloides series. At the time, I observed that G. Bulloides was an indicator of cold water. In the Arabian Sea, the surface water offshore Oman (where the core used in […]

Warm Pool and the Arabian Sea

It’s a dangerous practice to let your eye get teased into visual comparisons, but I was struck by a comparison between the G Bulloides series from the Arabian Sea (which is an upwelling proxy) and Stott’s Warm Pool SST proxies.

Moberg’s G. Bulloides

Last year, when Moberg was published, I pointed out witha slightly arched eyebrow that one of the two most important contributors to any 20th century HS-ness in Moberg was the increasing percentage of subpolar foraminifera (G. Bulloides) in the Arabian Sea – intuitively not a direct indicator of warming. Having visited the foraminifera literature in […]

Moberg #5: Arabian Sea glob. bulloides

One of the two strongest contributors to higher temperatures in Moberg’s 20th century proxies is higher incidence of subpolar glob. bulloides


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