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Collated A1B Model Runs

The other day, Gavin Schmidt stated that the amplification factor over land for tropospheric trends to surface trends for GISS models was only 0.95. A reader reported that an amplification factor of 1.1 had been reported in an article by Pielke Sr et al, relying on a pers comm. Some readers expressed frustration over the […]

Connolley co-author: “Unfortunately we have deleted all the NetCDF files…”

Recently, I made a request to Thomas Bracegirdle, junior partner of Connolley and Bracegirdle, for the model data used in two recent articles: Bracegirdle and Connolley (GRL 2007) about 20th century Antarctic models; and Bracegirdle, Connolley and Turner (JGR 2008) about 21st century Antarctic models. William Connolley is well known in the blogosphere, especially for […]