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Rahmstorf’s Third Trick

Rahmstorf et al 2015 Figure 5 shows a coral d15N series from offshore Nova Scotia (see left panel below). The corresponding plot from the source is shown on the right.  Original captions for both follow.  There’s enough information in the figures and captions to figure out Rahmstorf’s next trick. See if you can figure it out […]

A Partial Victory for the R Philosophy

Obviously I think that R is a great language. But one of the reasons that it’s great is because it’s open source and because of the incredible energy and ingenuity of the packages contributed by the R Community for the use of others. In a real sense (as opposed to a realsense), this sort of […]

"Unprecedented" in the past 153 Years

De’ath et al (Science 2009) here SI received a considerable amount of press at the start of 2009. De’ath et al reported that the there was an “unprecedented” decline in Great Barrier Reef coral calcification: The data suggest that such a severe and sudden decline in calcification is unprecedented in at least the past 400 […]

Cobb's "Cool" Medieval Pacific

I noted yesterday that Allen [2006] did not contain any new data supporting the idea of a "cool medieval Pacific", but that it was based primarily on a paper by Kim Cobb et al [2003] based, as it turns out, on two individual corals at Palmyra Island (6N) – one dated to the 10th century […]