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The UK Met Office Deepens The Moat

Deepening moats has been a lively topic in UK politics recently. One British MP expensed the public for the cost of deepening the moat at his castle and has been forced to resign. We discussed FOI and the MP expense scandal recently. We have, of course, followed with some considerable amusement the contortions of the […]

UK Met Office: Refuse and Delete

A couple of week ago, I noticed that the UK Met Office website contained the following statement Q. Where can I get the raw observations? A. The raw sea-surface temperature observations used to create HadSST2 are taken from ICOADS (International Comprehensive Ocean Atmosphere Data Set). These can be found at icoads.noaa.gov/. To obtain the archive […]

FOI and the "Unprecedented " Resignation of British Speaker

Readers have sometimes proposed that I try to enlist the support of a British MP for efforts to get information from the various stonewalling UK climate institutions, such as Fortress CRU. In fact, it seems that British MPs have had their own personal reasons for not supporting FOI. For the past 5 years, they have […]

Another Try on the Wall

CA readers are well aware that Phil Jones of CRU has jealously refused to provide the surface temperature data set used in the prominent HadCRU temperature index, going so far as to repudiate Freedom of Information requests. Efforts to obtain this data have been chronicled here from time to time. As a result of the […]

Santer and the 4 NOAA Coauthors

Apparently none of Santer’s four NOAA coauthors either received or sent any correspondence to Santer regarding the monthly data series used in Santer et al 2008. What a strange way to run a railroad.

Santer Refuses Data Request

On Oct 20, 2008, I sent Santer the following request: Dear Dr Santer, Could you please provide me either with the monthly model data (49 series) used for statistical analysis in Santer et al 2008 or a link to a URL. I understand that your version has been collated from PCMDI ; my interest is […]

More on the MXD Data Set

On Sep 9, 2008, I sent an FOI request to the University of East Anglia, requesting a copy of the MXD data set as provided to Mann et al. Today (Oct 2, 2008), I was notified that they would provide this data and, sure enough the data is now posted (Oct 2, 2008) at http://www.cru.uea.ac.uk/~timo/datapages/mxdtrw.htm […]

NOAA Response to March 2007 FOI Request

I received the following response today from Tom Karl regarding my 2007 FOI request (See here): As previously indicated in my e-mail last Thursday, NCDC did indeed put together a response to your official FOIA request, but due to a miscommunication between our office and our headquarters, the response was not submitted to you. I […]

Climate Audit and NOAA FOI Policy

For some reason, Michael Tobis seems to think that the Team is busy cranking out responses to an endless stream of my data requests. Nothing could be further from the truth. For me, getting data from the Team is no easier than posting at realclimate. At this point, it seems to be Team policy to […]

Fortress CRU

As noted in other posts, IPCC policies state: All written expert, and government review comments will be made available to reviewers on request during the review process and will be retained in an open archive in a location determined by the IPCC Secretariat on completion of the Report for a period of at least five […]