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The Original Hide-the-Decline

In a twitter exchange among Jean S, Ronan Connolley and Tim Osborn, Ronan drew attention to an early spaghetti graph in a comment on MBH98 published by Phil Jones in Science on the day after (Apr 24, 1998) publication of Mann et al 1998. The Briffa reconstruction is in purple below. Like IPCC 2001, it […]

Jones et al [1998]: Gridcell Correlations

Since I showed the effect of smoothing on the relationship of Dunde to temperature, I thought that it would be useful to post up a table showing the Jones et al [1998] proxy correlations to temperature versus my calculations using HadCRU2.

Polar Urals #1

The Polar Urals site is a staple of multi-proxy studies. The Briffa et al. [1995] version is used in Jones et al [1998], MBH98, MBH99, Briffa et al. [2001] and most recently Jones and Mann (2004). An earlier version by Graybill and Shiyatov was used in Bradley and Jones [1993], Hughes and Diaz [1994] and […]