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Juckes and Reconstruction #9

Juckes has archived 64 reconstruction variations in the file mitrie_new_reconstructions_v01.csv (mirrored in mitrie_new_reconstructions_v01.nc). The 9th platter in the jukebox is mr_mbh_1000_cvm_nht_01.02.001_pc – which is some kind of composite-variance-match version of MBH (whle he has 1 CVM version each for Esper, Hegerl, Jones and Moberg, he has no fewer than 7 different versions for MBH and […]

Juckes and the Moberg CVM

I vaguely remember an English joke about how certain Oxford colleges qualified prospective fellows. They’d invite them to a garden party and serve them a bowl of cherries and see how they disposed of the pits. I forget what the candidates were supposed to do. In the Team Euro Moberg composite, Team Euro has constructed […]

Juckes and the Esper and Jones CVMs

The Euro Hockey Team (EHT) present a variety of results using CVM methods on proxies from 5 canonical Team studies: Jones Briffa 1998; MBH99; Esper 2002; Moberg 2005 and Hegerl 2006. CVM (take the average of scaled proxies and re-scale the average to match the instrumental record) seems to me to be a less dangerous […]

The Euro Hockey Team and Yamal

Readers of this blog are familiar with the Yamal subsitution. Briefly, Briffa et al 1995 reported in Nature that 1032 was the coldest year of the millennium based on no more than 3 poorly dated and short cores in the 11th century. Subsequently new cores were dated to the 11th century by Schweingruber, resulting in […]

New CPD Paper on Reconstructions

Here is the paper from MITRIE on climate reconstructions M. N. Juckes, M. R. Allen, K. R. Briffa, J. Esper, G. C. Hegerl, A. Moberg, T. J. Osborn, S. L. Weber, E. Zorita, Millennial temperature reconstruction intercomparison and evaluation, Climate of the Past Discussions, 2, 1001-1049, 2006 There has been considerable recent interest in paleoclimate […]