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Emile-Geay and Verification r2 Statistics

Julien Emile-Geay from Judith Curry’s university – who, together with Kim Cobb, is teaching a course on the Hockey Stick – has joined our debate with a forceful criticism of Craig Loehle’s recent paper. While Emile-Geay seems to be a lively young man with some very cordial comments about CA here and his comments are […]

Loehle and Moberg

Julien Emile-Geay has made many forceful criticisms of the Loehle reconstruction. For example, he says: Relationship of each proxy to *local* temperature is not even discussed. We are just shoved a list of references (hey Craig , have you heard of tables ? They are a great means that scientists use to convey information clearly). […]

Loehle Proxies

Here is a script for collating Loehle proxies into an R-list in which each item is a table with two columns – one the AD year and the other the temperature (except for Holmgren where it is a native value as temperatures were not estimated in the underlying article.) This has not been coordinated with […]

Craig Loehle Reconstruction

Thread for discussion of Loehle 2007. I’ll try to comment later but have some other obligations right now. Craig Loehle sneds the following information on provenance: 1) GRIP borehole temperature (Dahl-Jensen et al., 1998): See Moberg Nature site supplementary material [SM – digitized version is at http://data.climateaudit.org/data/moberg/djgrip.dat ) 2) Conroy Lake pollen (Gajewski, 1988): ftp://ftp.ncdc.noaa.gov/pub/data/paleo/pollen/recons/liadata.txt […]