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MWP Non-Dendro Proxies #2

OK, I’m starting to get the feel of the new proxy network and have some ideas of what the new Mannomatic is doing. The manouevres have a lot of similarities to the moves in MBH98 and I think that a few main components can be singled out: 1. Once again, as in MBH98-99, the “proxies”, […]

What is the evidence against warmer MWP?

Lee has criticized me for not fully canvassing the supposedly manifold lines of evidence marshalled by the NAS panel against a warmer MWP. So I’ve done a little exercise to summarize the evidence AGAINST the MWP being warmer than mid-20th century, disaggregating what I believe to be the salient information from the spaghetti studies. The […]

LIA and MWP in Venezuela

Eduardo Zorita sent me an interesting paper (Pollissar et al 2006, Solar modulation of Little Ice Age climate in the tropical Andes) hot off the press on June 1, 2006, co-authored by Bradley, which reported: The intersection of the ELA [equilibrium line altitude] and pollen estimates indicate that during the LIA the Venezuelan Andes were […]