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De-Trending in Scotland

The two proxies that carry the water in the Trouet NAO reconstruction are the Baker speleothem in Scotland and Esper’s tree ring chronology in Morocco. The briefest examination of the Scotland speleothem shows that the version used in Trouet et al had been previously adjusted through detrending from the MWP to the present. In the […]

More on Speleothem Dating

I’d like to finish off our discussion of the supposed “strong visible anticorrelation” between the Q5 (Oman) and D1 (Socotra) speleothems (as supposedly evidenced in Figure 9), before discussing millennial issues. Again, I preface these remarks by saying that there is much of interest in speleothems and I’m just discussing one statistical issue here that […]

MWP Non-Dendro Proxies #2

OK, I’m starting to get the feel of the new proxy network and have some ideas of what the new Mannomatic is doing. The manouevres have a lot of similarities to the moves in MBH98 and I think that a few main components can be singled out: 1. Once again, as in MBH98-99, the “proxies”, […]