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The Questions That Were Never Asked

Andrew Montford’s FOI request for emails between the UEA and Outside Organisation ( who were represented by Neil Wallis, charged in the phonehacking scandal) has turned up a remarkable list of questions, the questions that should have been asked by one of the “investigations”, but were never answered. On February 22, 2010, Alan Preece, an […]

Neil Wallis and the “Poor Phil” Article

Bishop Hill reports that UEA have released a portion of their correspondence and documents with Neil Wallis and Outside Organisation (see here); correspondence here. They have claimed exemptions for much of the request. Under s.36(2)(b)(i) & (ii), they claimed that “release of some of the requested information would, or would be likely, to inhibit the […]

“Covert” Operations by East Anglia’s CRU

Today brings news of the arrest of the managing director of a firm hired by the University of East Anglia’s CRU (Climatic Research Unit) to carry out “covert” operations – h/t reader Chu here). Neil Wallis of Outside Organisation was arrested today in connection with the spreading News of the World scandal. Last year, Wallis’ […]