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The Questions That Were Never Asked

Andrew Montford’s FOI request for emails between the UEA and Outside Organisation ( who were represented by Neil Wallis, charged in the phonehacking scandal) has turned up a remarkable list of questions, the questions that should have been asked by one of the “investigations”, but were never answered. On February 22, 2010, Alan Preece, an […]

Scotland Yard Interviewed

The Norfolk Constabulary report a “sophisticated and carefully orchestrated attack on the CRU’s data files, carried out remotely via the internet”. CA sources have learned that UK police believe that the plan was carried out by a “mindermast”. The insidious methods of a mindermast are revealed in the interview below. here Update: Police Q&A here. […]

CRU Server Returned

The backup server has been returned to CRU. UEA informed the Information Tribunal today (in connection with my appeal of their refusal of the attachments to the notorious delete-all-emails). UEA stated to the Tribunal that: it confirms its intention to preserve the server in a secure manner for the time being. I doubt that it […]

Norfolk Police Inquiry at East Anglia Ends

Andrew Montford reports that the East Anglia police inquiry has closed. The police say that it was a hack, rather than a leak or inadvertent exposure, but did not provide details of why they arrived at that conclusion. Norfolk Constabulary has made the decision to formally close its investigation into the hacking of online data […]