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The Mann Inquiry Report

As a starting point for today’s post, the Office of Research Integrity (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services), like Penn State, has a two-stage inquiry-investigation procedure and states: In general, absent full admissions, inquiries should not be used to make findings on whether research misconduct in fact occurred. This seems at odds with what […]

The Mann Report

Is here. I’ll comment later. See RA-10 here and RA-47 here 4 p.m. A couple of quick points. Readers should understand that I have limited expectations from this sort of inquiry. What I do expect is that the authors not make untrue statements that can be easily disproven. (At least make them hard to disprove.) […]

The First Inquiry to Report

The Penn State Collegian archive once again is first on a story, breaking the news that the Penn State Inquiry has finished its inquiry and that results will be available later this week. They report: Penn State President Graham Spanier addressed the inquiry and the panel’s work during the Board of Trustees meeting on Jan. […]