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Shukla’s Gold

Roger Pielke Jr recently made the remarkable discovery that, in addition to his university salary from George Mason University (reported by Pielke as $250,000), Jagadish Shukla, the leader of the #RICO20, together with his wife, had received a further $500,000 more in 2014 alone from federal climate grants funnelled through a Shukla-controlled “non-profit” (Institute for Global Environment and Security, […]

NSF on Jones’ Email Destruction Enterprise

David Holland, the professional engineer who submitted the FOI which prompted Phil Jones to initiate what can only be described as a conspiracy to destroy documents related to the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report, has repeatedly asked: why did Jones take such a large professional risk by asking other scientists to destroy documents? A correlative question […]

GAO Report on Data Sharing in Climate Science

The U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) has issued a report as requested by the House Energy and Commerce Committee last year on data sharing in climate. The full report is here. The Republican press release is here . There are no signs that Lonnie Thompson will be required to archive his Dunde ice core sample […]

NSF relies on "Social" Networks

I’ve described in the past how the U.S. government has adequate policies for data archiving on paper, but that NSF had been totally co-opted by non-compliant scientists and their administration of data archiving could be described only as ineffective or non-existent. Doug Keenan wrote in on some calls to NSF: NSF grant conditions are specified […]

More on NSF Data Archiving Policies

Some time ago, I posted up some information on data archiving policy of the U.S.Global Change Research Program (USGRCP) and its guidelines to various agencies. I’ve identified 4 other policy statements from other institutions, including the National Science Foundation, which pertain to present matters.

More on Requests for Data

With the recent interest taken by the House Commitee in data archiving, I’d like to review some of my past thoughts on data policy. An audience seems to be developing for these issues. First and most importantly, here is some information on U.S. federal government policy on archiving of data. There are definite and long-standing […]